Schulz's Beethoven: Schroeder's Muse
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Charles Schulz
Peanuts •  04/17/1960

This strip begins with Schroeder playing the opening of a Beethoven sonata that is humorous and full of surprises. As Lucy listens in the second panel, she responds to the playful music by asking how much Schroeder would laugh at her feeling that the two would get married one day. After Schroeder answers politely and restarts the music, Lucy brashly plows ahead with her matrimonial inquiry, earning her the answer that she must have secretly feared. Schulz cleverly uses music from different locations to show the passage of time in the strip. In the first panel Lucy listens as Schroeder begins the sonata (measures 1-4). In the second panel she turns her head when he plays a difficult quick passage (measure 38). After Lucy interrupts him, Schroeder starts the difficult passage again (measures 34-36).

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Music Excerpt: Fortepiano Sonata in A Major, Opus 2, no. 2, Allegro vivace (1796)
Craig Sheppard, piano
The complete phrase of music that starts in the first panel in the strip (mm. 1-8)

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