Schulz's Beethoven: Schroeder's Muse
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Charles Schulz
Peanuts •  06/09/1968

In this strip Schroeder has just begun to play one of the most serious and dramatic of all of Beethoven's sonatas, the famous Pathétique. This French word means "full of emotion (pathos) and feeling." In the second panel Schroeder is playing the third measure of the passionate introduction that begins the first movement. Unlike the head-down, bent-over pose in the first panel, here Schroeder sits ramrod straight, head back and tilted upwards for inspiration. Lucy interrupts with such a mundane and inconsequential question that it drives Schroeder from the piano in disgust. After walking formally to the piano with the posture of the "great artist," Snoopy - imitating Schroeder's pose in the first panel - bends his head and front paws to the task.

Music Excerpt: Pathétique Sonata in C Minor, Grave, Opus 13 (1799)
Craig Sheppard, piano
The music in the second panel of the strip (m. 3)

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