Schulz's Beethoven: Schroeder's Muse
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Charles Schulz
Peanuts •  09/04/1953

Schroeder lays aside his catcher's mitt and bat to listen to Brahms. Totally absorbed by the music, to his horror he slips and confesses that he sometimes prefers Brahms! Schulz drew the key signature of B-flat Major or G Minor, but it's impossible to know which Brahms composition in those keys Schroeder was enjoying. Perhaps it was Brahms's monumental Second Piano Concerto, which is in B-flat Major. Schulz owned a recording of that work performed by Rudolf Serkin, pianist, George Szell, conductor, and the Cleveland Orchestra that was left lying on top of his stereo equipment at the time of his death.

YouTube clip: Brahms's Second Piano Concerto in B-flat Major, Allegro appassionata, Opus 83
Alfonso Gómez, piano, with the Gyounggi Philharmonic under the direction of Nanse Gum