Schulz's Beethoven: Schroeder's Muse
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Charles Schulz
Peanuts •  12/18/1961

As with all children, a lot of teasing goes on in Peanuts. Over the years, Schroeder comes in for a fair amount of teasing about his obsession with Beethoven. In a strip from September 3, 1952, Charlie Brown interrupts Schroeder's practicing to tell him "Beethoven is here to see you." Schroeder, overwhelmed, confesses "Gee! I'm so nervous" as he walks to the door to find a frowning Snoopy imitating Beethoven's scowl. In a strip from April 9, 1956, Charlie Brown quizzes the increasingly agitated Schroeder about whether Beethoven ever wrote anything for the accordion. When Schroeder yells back at him, "Are you out of your mind?" Charlie Brown replies "Maybe he figured it was too hard an instrument to write for..."

One of the funniest drawings of Schroeder occurs in the third panel of the strip. After Lucy casually asks him what he did for Beethoven's birthday, his face tells it all - notice how the changes in his hair, eyes, and mouth communicate his dismay.